Raspberry mojito – how to make the fruity cocktail at home

Raspberry Mojito – How to make the fruity cocktail at home

The Mojito is a real classic among the cocktails, and its days as an insider tip are long gone. Quite the opposite is true for the fruity version of the Mojito – the raspberry mojito!

The combination of delicious raspberries, sour lime juice, sugar, rum, fresh mint, and lemonade will be well-received by any guests. This cocktail is the right choice when you want something summery and sweet. Because the Raspberry Mojito is not only a visual highlight, it also tastes delicious.

Raspberry Mojito

Exotic raspberry mojito with mint
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The raspberry Mojito is the fruity-fresh variation of the legendary Mojito and the perfect summer drink for balmy nights.
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Preparation time: 2 minutes
Mixing time: 3 minutes
Total time: 5 minutes
Category: Classic, Fruity, Longdrink
Origin: Caribbean
Keywords: Brown sugar, Ice cubes, Lemonade, Lime, Mint, Raspberries, White sugar
Servings: 1 Cocktail
Calories: 300kcal
Author: Leon Zeschke


  • 1 lime
  • 4 raspberries fresh
  • 1 tbsp. brown sugar
  • 5 cl white rum
  • lemonade or soda water to fill up the glass
  • some mint fresh
  • some ice cubes
  • a few frozen raspberries for serving


  • Wash the lime, cut in half, and squeeze about 2 cl of juice from one half. Cut the other half into wedges.
  • Wash raspberries and mint and pat dry.
  • Put raspberries and mint into the glass. Add lime juice and sugar and use a muddler or fork to mash the ingredients.
  • Then pour the rum into the glass and fill it with the lemonade or soda water. Finally, add the ice cubes and lime wedges to the glass.
  • Garnish with raspberries or mint, depending on preference.


Tips for the preparation of a raspberry Mojito:
  1.  It doesn’t always have to be raspberries! The fruity component can be changed depending on preference and season. Frozen berries fit particularly well in the summer because they have a cooling effect.
  2.  You can also experiment a bit with the rum. The amount stays the same, only the type of rum changes. Dark rum, for example, makes the raspberry mojito taste stronger.


Calories: 300kcal | Carbohydrates: 48g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Sugar: 35g | Proof: 7.5% vol
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