About us

Out Mission

The mission of Alcipedia is actually straightforward to describe. Our mission is to help people of all ages have more fun with friends and colleagues. We do this by explaining and presenting tasty cocktail recipes and fun drinking games as easily as possible.

The goal is to become the place to go for everything related to alcohol, drinking games and cocktails. 

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Who is behind Alcipedia?

Behind Alkipedia is a team of cocktail and drinking game enthusiastic students. Together we try to document and collect our favorite recipes and drinking games here on Alkipedia. Over time, we have invested a lot of time in this project and therefore try to make all content here on the blog as high quality as possible for you. That’s why we personally test every single cocktail and drinking game before we publish it here.

Was macht Alcipedia besonders?

Alcipedia stands out for many things. But what really makes us special is our attention to detail, simple summary and extensive media variety. Because unlike many other websites in this industry, all the texts here on the blog are independently created, reviewed and tested. 

What do we value?

For us, as cocktail enthusiastic students, it is the usability and quality of the information we provide that is most important. Basically, this applies to all articles here on the blog. In particular, however, we attach importance to:

Easy cocktail recipes

We have all stood in front of various recipes far too often and despaired. That’s why you’ll always find an exact preparation guideline for each cocktail here, so that nothing stands in the way of trying it out at home, with friends or at the next party.

Well explained drinking games

The same goes for drinking games. Nobody likes complicated drinking games and instructions that contradict themselves. That’s why we decided to prepare a podcast with our personal summary, instructions and tips for each drinking game that we present here on the blog.